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Frequently Asked


Outsource your digital transformation to the experts. Save time, money and internal resources.

Put our experience to work and let us manage your bank’s digital transformation from start to finish.

XpertSavers offers digital transformation services to community banks and credit unions. Our team has experience in financial services, marketing, technology and corporate strategy. We have an exemplary record of building internet deposit businesses.

XpertSavers’ online banking and marketing solution is designed for well-capitalized community banks and credit unions whose total assets are between $2 billion and $20 billion. XpertSavers can help financial institutions that have loans growing faster than their core deposits, that are using debt and brokered deposits for funding, and that need to develop or update their internet and online capabilities.

XpertSavers has a full suite of capabilities designed to help community banks make their digital transformation quickly. XpertSavers can provide digital bank strategy development services, bank design, build and launch services as well as digital marketing and data analysis services.

The banks that work with XpertSavers maintain complete ownership and control of their customer acquisition strategy, origination and servicing functions, products, pricing and the entire customer relationship. XpertSavers will structure the customer journey and make recommendations on products, operations flow and pricing. The bank is the decision-maker.

XpertSavers charges a monthly fee for services, which varies based on the types of services the bank is requiring XpertSavers to provide. In addition, there could be media management and SEO fees, dependent on the marketing choices made. For your convenience, our monthly marketing fees are flexible, allowing you to increase or decrease your marketing spending according to your funding needs.

No. XpertSavers doesn’t give any of its bank customers preferential treatment. XpertSavers just lists and markets the interest rate information that our bank customers provide. Consumers make the ultimate decision whether to create a relationship with your bank or credit union.

Yes. We recommend products that could reposition the deposit portfolio to cover the asset base. XpertSavers markets those products at the direction and pursuant to the funding needs of each particular bank. XpertSavers does not own the products, accounts or customer relationships. The bank owns the customers and the products they purchase.

Customers fund their accounts by remitting the money directly to your bank and not through any intermediaries.

We thought you’d never ask! To learn more, complete our simple Contact Us form. One of our Xperts will contact you for a pressure-free conversation about our services.

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